Why You Need A VPN

There have never been as many devices online at one time as today. In fact, tomorrow there will be more, and the next day more. With each device comes some type of personal information, personal profile or an IP address and MAC address that can be traced back to its owner. Sometimes you surf sites that might be considered questionable and could be a source of potential data thieves just waiting to grab the data that’s coming across the wire (or wireless) and mine bits and pieces of information that can come back to try to hurt you or your identity.

Reason why you need a VPN

Many individuals believe that using an ‘incognito’ tab will solve all their privacy issues by masking their session, but it’s not fully true. All activity in the incognito browser is still tracked back to your IP address, which is also tied to the MAC address (or the manufacturing address) of your system, so in reality you’re not truly ‘incognito’.


So What’s the Solution?

The solution is Virtual Private Network, or VPN. With a Virtual Private Network, it’s like putting on an invisibility cloak and surfing the web. No one can see you and no one can trace you and no one knows what you’re doing. This is the magic of VPN.


So How Do You Get a VPN?

One very easy way to get your own VPN is to look into a product named SpyOFF. In a recent SpyOFF review, we found that you can get your own VPN by navigating to the VPN download page, select the SpyOFF download, get it installed on your pc, and you’re golden, literally. From that point forward, when you surf the web you will surf in complete privacy, as everything you do will be encrypted and no one will be able to track your IP address or your MAC address.


How Easy is it to Install?

The SpyOFF VPN download is free to start with. You can do an online search and you can read all about the product, the pricing and how it can help you from day one. The price is very reasonable, with a monthly fee you can be surfing in complete anonymity.


You Can Go Almost Anywhere and Look at Anything Without Anyone Knowing About it

This SpyOFF VPN review took a look at the product, downloaded it, installed it and used it for a trial period of 15 days. The download was about 10.5Mb and it was downloaded from Google Playstore and installed on a Samsung Galaxy 5. After setting up an account, I had to provide a Paypal account (you can provide a credit card and there’s also a Bitcoin option). Then after setting up your account, you select a VPN Server to use (many to choose from with network latency speeds listed next to each and % availability as well!) and once you connect you’ll see a key icon on your phone, letting you know that your connection is secure. This SpyOFF VPN download is like selecting the easy button and having full privacy!