VPN Secures Your Data and Communication While Protecting You from a DNS Leak

With the increasing cases of hacking, censorship, and eavesdropping, there is absolutely need to use a VPN. Long gone are the days when only financial institutions had to worry about their online security and safety as the hackers and eavesdroppers are also targeting general institutions and personal accounts. Using a quality VPN service like the Spyoff VPN will keep your communications and data secure and encrypted and thus, keep you away from prying eyes. Furthermore, the Spy off VPN will also help you bypass any restrictions that could be preventing you from accessing any website in any location. If you have not yet tried out the Spy off VPN, you should continue to read this Spyoff VPN download review.


Why Choose SpyOFF VPN?

With 395 servers across 21 countries, the Spy OFF VPN secures your anonymity and online privacy without any fear of losing speed connection. The biggest challenge most people experience when using VPN services is the slow connection but with the Spyoff VPN download, you can continue to surf as before as the service does not limit the amount of data. Furthermore, the service does not limit the number of server switching that you can make or even the number of devices you can use.

By using the Spy download VPN client, you will be able to watch videos whenever you want at full high-speed and in perfect privacy as well as enjoy full online privacy. The service encrypts all your traffic and hides your IP address from hackers and spies as well as lets you connect to any website and access data that could be restricted in your region. Once you can download SpyOFF VPN, you will be able to disguise your true IP address as well as your location in just a few seconds.

In addition to disguising your true IP address, you can also use the Spy OFF VPN to secure your router by using a SpyOFF download setup. The service offers you the DD-WRT and Tomato router settings that you can use on your router. It is also worth noting that according to the SpyOFF review, the service is a one for all service that lets you connect all your devices irrespective of the operating system. Spy OFF can help secure Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Windows phone and Linux/ Ubuntu.

Another highlight of the SpyOFF VPN review is that it offers four protocols for different cases that include the balanced, expert mode, high-speed, and ultra-secure. The ultra-secure mode uses the extremely reliable OpenVPN protocol that uses digital certificates to authenticate data on both sides using a username and a password. The OpenVPN protocol supports the AES encryption. The balanced option uses the L2TP protocol that supports the AES block cipher with 128 bits and point-to-point encryption from Microsoft. The L2TP is a good option if you are looking for a middle ground between security and acceptable speed. The highspeed mode uses PPTP and it is ideal if your goal is to bypass country blocks when streaming. The expert mode lets you independently configure your protocol settings.



In addition to letting you stream, communicate and browse safely and securely, the Spy OFF VPN also protects you from a DNS leak. The biggest challenge with the modern VPN services is their inability to protect you from a DNS leak, which Spy OFF VPN download offers immediately you establish a connection.